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What does Best Buy know about Mobile Commerce that you don’t?

February 14th, 2010

Best Buy continues to go mobile, in a big way.  The company recently announced that they intend to heavily emphasize mobile marketing in 2010 and beyond.  Why?  Well, the bottom line is this:  people are mobile.  They are out and about in lives that get busier and more hectic with each passing day.  And the common thread is their cell phone.  It is how people stay connected (an odd metaphor considering phones are wireless) even as their lives get crazier.  And now, finally, with the deployment of legitimate broadband wireless networks and devices that actually make being connected somewhat enjoyable, the truth is that if your brand is not mobile, then your brand is not present precisely where your customers are.  As a marketer, that should not be a risk your brand should take.

Of course, going mobile is hard.  The mobile web (and app world), is not the web.  Successful marketing requires a whole new tool box of skills that range from technology to marketing to psychology.  There are no standards in the mobile world.  There are 1000s of handsets, each with different screen sizes, operating systems, and web browsers.  Do you go mobile web or app?  In fact, what is the difference?  Oh and just what is a mobile shopper looking for?  (Hint: save time; save money)  Still, put aside all these difficulties because the question,  “Do I go mobile or not?” is moot. 

Here is how I see it:  Your customers are mobile.  Your competitors are  mobile. Are you?  I think that on my next post, I will discuss how and why the mobile web places incredible pressure on the static web.  Remember, we live in a world that values present value…

By way of disclosure, my company, mShopper, makes going mobile easy.  We operate the world’s only SaaS, self service, turnkey mobile enablement platform.  Feel free to check it out…

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